Our Philosophy

Performance Lab by The Wright Fit is the new, next-level training studio from the pro who helped originate the boutique fitness experience, Jay Wright, a leading strength and conditioning specialist, and prolific gym designer.

We know bodies that move best also tend to be the bodies that look the best. Our approach is not about stringing together one-HIT wonders that you might quickly burn out on, but about functional longevity, a big picture goal that will, yes, get you tight abs and a killer physique –– but en-route to a higher purpose (and the physical, emotional and mental coherence people are craving).

Our highly credentialed cream of the New York City fitness crop—will both put you through your exercise paces and reinforce the health rituals that are key to Wright’s signature, holistic Center Point philosophy.

525 West 26th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (646) 362-5947
Mon-Fri 6am – 9pm
Sat 8am – 2pm